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What is an Innovative Learning Grant? CBCEF resources
are distributed to support innovative learning programs
for the benefit of the students and complements the
curriculum while embracing innovative learning approaches
in the Central Bucks School District.

What does this mean to local educators? Plenty! It means
a project, a new approach, a new vision can move
forward in a classroom.
For a teacher, it doesn’t get
much better than that!

Thanks to our EITC partners:

Fred Beans Auto Dealerships
Hatboro Savings
Fulton Bank
SofterWare, Inc.
Waste Management
Centric Bank

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Round 2
Innovative Learning Grant Recipients!

The CB Cares Educational Foundation’s grant selection
committee was very impressed with the excellence of learning projects submitted by teachers and administrators, especially
the approach each project demonstrated for identifying the Developmental Assets.

2015-2016 Second Round Winners

School Project Summary
Bridge Valley Affective Gains Through Games The objective is to facilitate game play with small groups of students in order to enhance pro-social skills, learn anti-anxiety strategies, enhance self-esteem, and strengthen peer relationships in an enjoyable, interactive manner.

CB East

The World Around Us

Expose students to the internationalization of foreign policy and international relations by reading non-fiction works that offer insights into critical issues and bring forth new information that changes the understanding of events or problems.

CB South  Cafeteria Mural Inspired by the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, the students and faculty of CB South are diligently working on the design and construction of a community-painted mural.  The final product will provoke pride in those who help shape South's unique and diverse culture, proving that art can transform space.
CB West Guest Artist Arla Patch Guest Artist Arla Patch will demonstrate how to utilize an innovative approach to art-making entitle "Coil Drawing".  She will give a history and demonstration of this process and techniques.  She will assets the students in designing their own coil drawing and executing this in a work of art.

CB West

Digital Fabrication: Beyond Cutting

Vinyl cutter to create interdisciplinary projects focusing on Engineering, Design, Math and Technology.

CB West

Children's Theater

Adapting children's book into a play for elementary school students.  Write the play, block the scenes, design and build sets and work alongside professional actors and set designers from The Arden Theater/working actors/college students from professional training programs.


Virtual Artifact Program

6th grade to study ancient civilizations through artifacts to experience interactive, real-world programs.  Students video conference with an archeologist working in Egypt and see how Upenn preserves artifacts.  Students will see ancient artifacts in person via the UPenn loan box program.


Beautiful Hands:  Connecting Assets, Art, and Writing through Author/Illustrator Kathryn Otoshi

Author/illustrator Kathryn Otoshi, whose mission is "to introduce young readers to big issues through the power of reading and literature," will be visiting our schools.  Her presentations where insight into her creative process and engage students in extending the themes of personal empowerment presented in her literature.


Historical Fiction Classroom Library

Historical fiction adds a great wealth to students understanding of history by going beyond the textbook to provide a deeper understanding of how people are effected by history.  Classroom library will add a new dimension to the teaching of history by giving students access to novels throughout the year.


Holicong Garden

A collaborative community project that will serve students, staff and community.  It involves the planning, building, and yearly maintenance of the garden.  The food from the garden will be used in the FCS curriculum and the garden will be incorporated in learning activities throughout the school.


Enhancing Choice in Students' Reading Lives

Students will learn to immerse themselves in literature with a well-developed classroom library to become better readers, writers, and thinkers.


Choice Inspires Reading

Implementation of a sustained silent reading period by ensuring students have immediate access to engaging, contemporary, and diverse types of literature within their classrooms.


Strawberry Fields Forever

Cultivating strawberry patches in a series a condensation drains that run along the front of school.  Strawberry boxes to be constructed will be installed along the front.

Kutz Giving Student Leaders A Voice

Kutz TV Studio and student leaders will work in conjunction to produce weekly videos that highlight student council initiatives and expectations for student behavior.

Tohickon Expanding Reading

Expand classroom library to expose students to more choices for independent reading and expand knowledge of different social , relevant, and/or historical events/issues.  Looking to create life-long readers by engaging students.


Audio books for Support Literacy

Expand audio book collection to support literacy and our curriculum, help develop listening skills, and promote a love of reading for pleasure.  Audio books to be available on students' individual devices via and app for enjoyment.


One School, One Book

Initiative at Unami, students and staff will read Drum, Girls and Dangerous Pies and host the critically acclaimed young adult author Jordan Sonneblick.  Author will also run writers workshop.

 “This is wonderful news! I am so thankful to CB Cares!”
-Lisa Levin
9th grade English
Holicong MS

“Thank you!!!!!! Jon and I will put the money to good use!!!!
Thanks so much for supporting this project!”

-Jeanine Waldron
English Teacher
CB West

“AWESOME!!!! We are thrilled!!! So excited to get these books for our students! Thank you for all that you do!”
-Lisa Mancini
English Teacher
Tamanend MS

Read about CB Cares and
Innovative Learning Grants, click here

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