monthly assets list

September: #2 Positive Family Communication. Young person and his/her parents communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.

October:#30 Responsibility. Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility for his/her behavior. They take responsibility for their actions and decisions at home, and/or at school, and /or in the community.

November: #26 Caring. Young person cares about others. They place a high value on helping other people. He/she thinks about ways of helping others and is motivated to initiate kind and thoughtful acts.

December: #24 Bonding to School. Young person cares about his/her school. The students is actively engaged in promoting a positive school community.

January: #9 Service to Others. Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community. He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions.

Boomerang_East2015February: #33 Interpersonal Competence. Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills. Young person cares about and is aware of other people’s feelings.

March: #17 Creative Activities. Young person participates in creative activities which have a direct positive impact on him/her and others. Their creative activity can take a variety of forms– music, drama, art, or any other creative activity.

April: #25 Reading for Pleasure. Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members, or with friends.

May: #37 Personal Power. Young person has a healthy sense of personal power. He/she believes they can effect change and make a difference in their school and /or community. They believe they have some control over things that happen in their world, that things just don’t happen to them.