What Comes Around, Goes Around


The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community
for exemplifying and living by one of 9 chosen Developmental Assets for the school year.  We are excited to announce our new community partner for this program – The Hattery Stove and Still of Doylestown, PA.

March Asset #17  
  Young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts

Tips for building this asset

Everyone is an artist in some way. Think of how you may create a new way to surprise someone on her or his birthday, hum along to the radio, dance when you’re in a good mood. These small bursts of artistic expression are important ways people communicate individuality. By bringing more art and music into young people’s lives, caring adults can help to develop another side of their personalities, talents, and skills.

Also try this

In your home and family: Play magnet art. Here’s how: Visit an art museum as a family. Have each person walk toward the first painting that catches her or his eye (drawing you to it like a magnet). Let each family member explain what he or she likes about the painting he or she chose.

In your neighborhood and community: Encourage the creative energies of everyone in the community by supporting your local community theater.

In your school or youth program: Integrate music into your regular curriculum or program. Start the day with a bit of classical music, followed at lunch by rock and roll or jazz, and end the day with opera. Discuss everyone’s preferences and invite students and participants to help select songs for the next day.

Want to nominate someone for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award?    Asset nomination form, click here.


Boomerang_East2015Central Bucks School District nominates over 1,000 elementary, middle, and high school students each year.  Winners serve as a model to all students in the district and receive school recognition and are announced in the Bucks County Herald newspaper and The Backpack Newsflash, a monthly publication of CB Cares EF  which reaches 20,000 school children and their families.

MONTHLY ASSETS LISTS  Printable Boomerang Assets 2016-2017



40 Asset School Ambassadors

Elementary Schools:

  • Barclay: Christine Petersen
  • Bridge Valley: Sue Skjeveland
  • Buckingham: Michelle McGarvey
  • Butler: Gigi Butler
  • Cold Spring: Kim Cizerle
  • Doyle: Dina Ricciardi
  • Gayman: Michelle McNeil
  • Groveland: Trish Jordan
  • Jamison: Erynn Jacobsen
  • Kutz: Judd Boyer
  • Linden: Kim Denicore
  • Mill Creek: Melissa Conte
  • Pine Run: Kathie Rothouse
  • Titus: Patty Dallmer
  • Warwick: Rachel Cherry

Middle Schools:

  • Holicong: Joelle Grube
  • Lenape: Renee Ring/Danielle Davis
  • Tamanend: Kim Cozzari
  • Tohickon: Claudine Piechotta
  • Unami: Carol Ann Palmieri

High Schools:

  • CB East: Ellen Roehm
  • CB South: TBA
  • CB West: Kristen Margraff