What Comes Around, Goes Around


The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community for exemplifying and living by one of 9 chosen Developmental Assets for the school year.

January –  Asset #9  – Nomination due January 23rd!
Service to Others.  Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community.  He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions.

Tips for building this asset

The best way to teach young people the value of helping others is to be a role model. Activities such as providing a meal to a new parent, driving a neighbor to an appointment, or babysitting can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Look for service opportunities to do with a young person. Join organizations that involve—and provide leadership roles for—both young people and adults.

In your home and family: Together, think of 10 ways your family can serve others. Choose one idea. Pick a date to do the activity. Afterward, talk about your experience.

Want to nominate someone for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award?  Click here.


Boomerang_East2015Central Bucks School District nominates over 1,000 elementary, middle, and high school students each year.  Winners serve as a model to all students in the district and receive school recognition and are announced in the Bucks County Herald newspaper and The Backpack Newsflash, a monthly publication of CB Cares EF  which reaches 20,000 school children and their families.

MONTHLY ASSETS LISTS  Printable Boomerang Assets 2016-2017



40 Asset School Ambassadors

Elementary Schools:

  • Barclay: Christine Petersen
  • Bridge Valley: Sue Skjeveland
  • Buckingham: Michelle McGarvey
  • Butler: Gigi Butler
  • Cold Spring: Kim Cizerle
  • Doyle: Dina Ricciardi
  • Gayman: Michelle McNeil
  • Groveland: Trish Jordan
  • Jamison: Erynn Jacobsen
  • Kutz: Judd Boyer
  • Linden: Kim Denicore
  • Mill Creek: Melissa Conte
  • Pine Run: Kathie Rothouse
  • Titus: Patty Dallmer
  • Warwick: Rachel Cherry

Middle Schools:

  • Holicong: Joelle Grube
  • Lenape: Renee Ring/Danielle Davis
  • Tamanend: Kim Cozzari
  • Tohickon: Claudine Piechotta
  • Unami: Carol Ann Palmieri

High Schools:

  • CB East: Ellen Roehm
  • CB South: TBA
  • CB West: Kristen Margraff