What Comes Around, Goes Around


The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community for exemplifying and living by one of 9 chosen Developmental Assets for the school year.  We are excited to announce our new community partner for this program – The Hattery Stove and Still of Doylestown, PA.

May Asset #37 Personal Power
Young person has a healthy sense of personal power.  He/she believes they can effect change and make a difference in their school and/or community.  They believe they have some control over things that happen in their world, that things just don’t happen to them.

Feel control over your own destiny
Having personal power means understanding and accepting the things we can and can’t control. You can find a new job, work out a conflict, or move to a new location if you choose. When young people feel empowered, they feel more confident to make their own choices—to get good grades, participate in activities they enjoy, and take action to find solutions to problems.

Here are the facts
Research shows that young people are more likely to grow up healthy if they feel a sense of control over the things that happen to them. A sense of personal power gives young people the confidence to embrace positive attitudes and behaviors, and walk away from risky situations and behaviors. About 42 percent of young people, ages 11–18, feel that they have control over things that happen to them, according to Search Institute surveys. Caring adults provide opportunities for young people to make their own decisions.

Tips for building this asset
Young people who have a strong sense of their own power believe that when good things happen to them, they had some control over the outcome. If things go wrong, help young people focus on the positive steps they can take to remedy the situation. Help them see how they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Also try this

In your home and family: Teach your child practical skills, such as how to change a tire, cook a meal, and sew on a button. Well-prepared young people are more likely to feel a sense of personal power.
In your neighborhood and community: Support young people’s efforts to be industrious. For example, buy lemonade from their lemonade stand, read their homemade newspaper, and attend a play they put on in their garage.
In your school or youth program: Challenge the young people in your class or program to come up with a creative way to raise money for an underprivileged family or a charity in your area. Then put the plan into action. Serving others helps young people realize they can make a difference in the world, which gives them an enormous sense of personal power.

Want to nominate someone for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award?    Asset nomination form, click here.


Boomerang_East2015Central Bucks School District nominates over 1,000 elementary, middle, and high school students each year.  Winners serve as a model to all students in the district and receive school recognition and are announced in the Bucks County Herald newspaper and The Backpack Newsflash, a monthly publication of CB Cares EF  which reaches 20,000 school children and their families.

MONTHLY ASSETS LISTS  Printable Boomerang Assets 2016-2017



40 Asset School Ambassadors

Elementary Schools:

  • Barclay: Christine Petersen
  • Bridge Valley: Sue Skjeveland
  • Buckingham: Michelle McGarvey
  • Butler: Gigi Butler
  • Cold Spring: Kim Cizerle
  • Doyle: Dina Ricciardi
  • Gayman: Michelle McNeil
  • Groveland: Trish Jordan
  • Jamison: Erynn Jacobsen
  • Kutz: Judd Boyer
  • Linden: Kim Denicore
  • Mill Creek: Melissa Conte
  • Pine Run: Kathie Rothouse
  • Titus: Patty Dallmer
  • Warwick: Rachel Cherry

Middle Schools:

  • Holicong: Joelle Grube
  • Lenape: Renee Ring/Danielle Davis
  • Tamanend: Kim Cozzari
  • Tohickon: Claudine Piechotta
  • Unami: Carol Ann Palmieri

High Schools:

  • CB East: Ellen Roehm
  • CB South: TBA
  • CB West: Kristen Margraff