The world of youth sports can be competitive; some may event say cut-throat. Parents and coaches can be intense, and the players – and their love of the game – can be lost amidst a rigorous schedule and grueling expectations. But not for the players of Robert Hauser, coach of Pennsylvania Rush’s traveling girls’ soccer team and the 2019 recipient of the CB Cares Educational Foundation’s Positive Coaching Award.

Hauser’s focus is on the whole child, applauding and encouraging not only athleticism but also respect, empathy, positive self-esteem, and sportsmanship. A father of five with a long coaching career, Hauser’s coaching recognizes that success and failure are not determined by the scoreboard, but rather measured by the character development and growth of his players. As a team parent explained, “Robert has created a safe space for our girls to celebrate their unique contributions, be confident in their abilities, [and] get comfortable with learning from mistakes and safe risk-taking.”

Since 2012, the CB Cares Educational Foundation’s Positive Coaching Award has recognized a deserving coach who serves as a positive role model, understands the importance of a child’s well-being, and is a positive influence in the lives of young people. Specifically, the annual recipient is recognized for teaching positive life lessons through sports, providing leadership, and promoting sportsmanship, fair play, motivation, and respect. All of these behaviors and values are consistent with the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets®, the framework of all CB Cares Educational Foundation’s programs. Hauser was selected from a number of applicants for the 2019 award.

CB Cares Educational Foundation presented Hauser with his award – along with a $500 gift and engraved plaque, funded by Todd Welsh, DMD, at Bucks County Orthodontics – at an evening ceremony on June 4, 2019. Hauser was surrounded by his players and their families, some of whom nominated Hauser for the award. “I am truly honored to have received this award as it is very important to me that our young athletes get positive instruction, motivation and support from all the coaches they come in contact with in their chosen sport(s),” said Hauser. “I believe coaches have an obligation to develop athletes who are not only good at sports but who excel at life and for me that only comes from being a positive influence in their world.”