This month’s alumni spotlight is on lawyer and real estate investor Rick Lyons, who graduated from Central Bucks West in 1972.

During his time at CB West, one of his favorite teachers was Miss Stanley, who taught math. As a student, he was on the varsity golf team, which was coincidentally coached by famed high school football coach Mike Pettine and Stan McFarland. Lyons has fond memories of cruising around in a ’63 Chevy with his coaches and is convinced that the roadway next to West was named for Stan McFarland. After attending Villanova University, he returned to Doylestown to raise his family with his wife, Barbara.

Professionally, Rick oversees and serves as a partner for Green Street Commercial Real Estate and is the proprietor of the very popular boutique eatery Hops/Scotch in the Main Street Marketplace in Doylestown Borough. Rick’s love for his community spans from corner to corner in Central Bucks and his current project is in the heart of Doylestown Borough at State and Main Streets. This project, currently in the planning stage, is to develop a green space to serve as a community town square for residents of all ages to enjoy.