Twilight Wish Foundation

P. O. Box 1042

Mission: We honor and enrich the lives of deserving elders through wish granting celebrations connecting generations.

  1. Join the Wish Committee –  By serving on the wish committee, a volunteer either comes to wish meetings at our office in Doylestown on the second Thursday of every month at 10 am  or a volunteer calls in, joining the meeting via the conference call number. The committee reviews wishes and determines who will research open wishes. Researching wishes entails making calls, getting quotes, seeking donations or discounts, and making arrangements. This work may be done from home or the office. In some cases the wish will be granted locally and volunteers are welcome to attend the event and/or assist with granting the wish. This is an area where we could really use more volunteers.
  1. Discover New Wishes – Volunteers who choose to try and find new wishes may visit nursing homes and speak with activities directors, social workers and residents to see if there is a senior who has a wish.
  1. Special Events/Fundraising – Volunteers who help with fundraising and event planning brainstorm about how to raise money and increase awareness. Once an event idea or initiative is agreed upon, volunteers help to make arrangements, seek in-kind donations, and complete other tasks, as needed.
  1. Represent Twilight WishVolunteers can represent Twilight Wish at expo fairs, community centers and events.  Volunteers working at events help with set-up, registration, and other tasks.  At expo. fairs and community events, volunteers may give presentations about Twilight Wish, answer audience questions, and pass out literature about the organization.
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