40 Assets Mini Grants

 The 40 Assets Mini Grant is offered annually to each of our 23 schools as a way to address the needs of the individual schools’ community. Mini-grants in the amount of $250.00 can be used to fund/subsidize programs and resources which support the promotion of the 40 Developmental Assets. Grants must meet the criteria of the EITC program of the State of Pennsylvania as outlined below.  School Parent Ambassadors, Home and School Associations and Parent Councils may apply.  Mini-grant application.


Acceptable use of funds:

  • 40 Developmental Assets bulletin board, school events/programs and resources  (books, posters, newsletter and  etc.) purchased from the Search Institute with a visible CB Cares logo.
  • Promote one of the 40 Developmental Assets
  •  Select a topic or speaker to come to your school through our  Parent Education Workshops
  • After-school programs that promote and integrate the Developmental Assets.

Any questions, please contact, Nancy Santacecilia at nsantacecilia@cb-cares.org or 215.489.9120