Innovative Learning Grants

Innovative Learning Grants (ILGs) encourage teachers to pilot new ideas and enrich the curriculum by preparing students in the arts, science, technology, engineering, math, leadership, and wellness. ILGs take the ideas of visionary educators to life in our schools that wouldn’t be possible within the district’s regular budget. Local businesses approved by the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program serve as our financial partners and afford the opportunity to offer innovative education and programs.

Since 2012, CB Cares EF has awarded more than $90,000 in grants. All CBSD professional personnel are eligible to apply for grants. Applicants may be principals, administrators, individual staff members, or a team of staff members. Grant awards are competitive and can be as much as $1,000 for single classrooms. Consideration for larger grant amounts may be applied to several grade levels or departments, or be school/district wide.

CONGRATULATIONS to the approved Innovative Learning Grants for 2018-19.

2018-19 Recipients (Round 2)

Elementary Schools

  • Barclay: Carol Miller | Diverse Book Club
  • Bridge Valley: Meghan Jaeger | Light Table for Sensory Building
  • Butler: Erin Casey | Culture of Caring
  • Cold Spring & Linden: Stella Bredin | Teaching Students How to Save a Chocking Victim
  • Gayman: Jesse Shaw, Danielle Hallman | Logitech Crayons: Everyone Can Create
  • Groveland: Jennifer Murphy | Libros Todos
  • Kutz: Kate Caroll | Kutz iCougar Tech Crew Tutorials
  • Linden: Amy Logue, Deborah Free | Makers on the Move
  • Mill Creek: Cindy Jansen | Visual and Critical Thinking with Friends
  • Titus: Casey Henry, Megan Gillen | Mighty Mathletes

Middle Schools

  • Lenape: Stacy Lang | Stand Read Deliver
  • Tamanend: Lisa Mancini | Diary of Anne Frank
  • Unami: Stephanie Ripley | Family Math Night

High Schools

  • CB South: Cheryl Daly | Introduction to Design and Innovation Utilizing PMC Clay
  • CB West: Allison Levin | Artist in Residence Portrait Project with Guest Artist Kathleen Moore


2018-19 Recipients (Round 1)

Elementary Schools

  • Barclay: Madison Leech, Christine Dollarton, Nicole Smith | Rise Together: A Family and School Partnership
  • Bridge Valley: Megan Jaeger | Disruptus
  • Bridge Valley: Alex Stapp, Kate Tate, Amberleigh Volpe, Jan Ledwith, Emily Reynolds | Retro Pop: Phones to Enhance Digital Recordings
  • Bridge Valley: Kylene Howley | Weather Station
  • Bridge Valley: Katie Melberger | Get in the Zone Toolkit
  • Buckingham: Sinead Doherty, Kristin Kraus, Carrie Vice | WMBK Mobile Studio
  • Doyle: Laura Fornwald, Heather Herwig | STEM on Wheels
  • District Initiative: Michael Gruver | Music for All
  • Groveland: Susan Angstadt Sullivan | Emotional Wellness Bibliotherapy
  • Jamison: Jared Hottenstein | The Dandelion Project
  • Kutz: Michelle Blair, Adam Controy, Amy Jeffers | Innovation Station
  • Kutz: Amy Kallelis, Stacy Cunningham | Right Brained Buddies
  • Kutz and Linden: Allison Theis | Scarf Love

Middle Schools

  • Holicong: Michelle Ambrosini, Molly Rickert | Teaching Students the Power of Writing in the Real World
  • Holicong: Keith Williard | Rainbow Reading Project
  • Unami: Christina Gillespie | Southside STEM Missions
  • Unami: Michelle Spera | Southside STEM Robotics

High Schools

  • CB East: Katarina Konnick | Padlocks, Puzzles, and Problem Solving — Escape Room
  • CB East: Matthew Clemens | Cloud Chamber and Hovercraft
  • CB South: Patrick Balkit, Stu Kesilman | Mural Project
  • CB West: Allison Levin | Digital Advancement for the Central Bucks West Art Dept.
  • CB West: Anna Davitt, Katlyn Harrison | Sensory Classroom
  • CB West: Jeannie Waldron, Jon Taylor, Trent Errett | Children’s Theater
  • CB West: Dawn Curran | Building Resilience In & Out of English Class


See past recipients.

2017-18 Recipients

Elementary Schools

  • Bridge Valley: Megan Jaeger & Jan Led | Explorations in Education
  • Bridge Valley: Christina Rick | Promoting a Love of Reading
  • Bridge Valley and Kutz: Adam Controy and Allison Theis | Doylestown Township 200th Birthday Celebration
  • Bridge Valley: Megan Jaeger | Innovation Walls
  • Bridge Valley: Linda Kardohely | Explorations in Education: STEM Morning Work
  • Cold Spring: Matt Oberecker, Carrie Vice and Christine Dollarton | Young Innovator’s Day
  • Doyle and CB West HS: Christina Duan, Sarah Hartin, Esther Hoffner, Ruhshona Khusenova, Cassidy Pitts | Spectacular Science – Winter enrichment for collaboration between high school and elementary school students
  • Groveland: Michelle Fuentes | Mindfulness Initiative
  • Groveland: Kaitlin Unagst, Brittany Kelly, Jennifer Constantini, Sherry Hedeman Ciapmpa, Jennifer Wiesneski | StoryWorks Jr. Reading Curriculum Extension
  • Jamison: Jared Hottenstein | Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Kutz: Ashley Lere and Amy Kallelis | Curious Containers
  • Mill Creek: Cindy Jansen, Melissa Ruth, Jen Aptacy, Laura Farrell, Jen Dixson | Osmo Genius Kits
  • Titus: Stephanie Byrne and Robin London | From Book Tasting to Book Clubs

Middle Schools

  • Holicong: Keith Willard | The Rainbow Reading Project
  • Holicong: Brett Vogelsinger | Ethnic, Racial, and Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom Library
  • Tamanend: Christa Reitz | All Roads Lead to Rome: Virtual Workshops and Hands-On Artifacts from the Penn Museum
  • Tohickon: Matthew Powell | School Spotlight
  • Unami: Kate Christein and Cati Frederick | Book Love Through Book Clubs
  • Unami: Stephanie Ripley/Amy Calderoni, Nichole Kee, Jeff Pagano, Jaclyn Timko, Alyssa Zerby, Jacqueline Johnstone, Jamie Barna, Rachel Pileggi | Math Family Fun Night

High Schools

  • CB East: Kimberly Koch | Stepping Into Another’s Shoes: Building Cultural Understanding through the Study of Diverse Literature
  • CB South: Michael Gleicher | Hydrogen-Alpha Filtering Solar Telescope
  • CB South: Bridget Pustay | Effects of Underage Drinking and Driving
  • CB West and CB South: Alison Stone and Beth Matter | Microscopy in the Biology Classroom
  • CB West and Doyle ES: Christina Duan, Sarah Hartin, Esther Hoffner, Ruhshona Khusenova, Cassidy Pitts | Spectacular Science – Winter enrichment for collaboration between high school and elementary school students
  • CB West: Allison Levin | West Portrait Project with Guest Artist Kathleen Moore



CB Cares EF  ILG Guidelines

  • To be eligible for a grant, applicants must propose an innovative and creative project that will enrich and enhance student learning beyond the curriculum and display the Developmental Assets® the organization was founded upon.
  • The maximum classroom grant award is $1,000. (Projects that require more than $1,000 will also be considered when funds are available and/or if it reaches across several grades and/or schools.)
  • Grants are awarded through Grant Review Committee. Funds must be used within the school year for which the grant is awarded.
  • Documentation of expenses must be submitted to the CB Cares Educational Foundation. All materials acquired through Foundation grants become the property of the Central Bucks School District.
  • Grant recipients will be expected to provide the Foundation with a written closeout report about their project and other appropriate documentation.
  • Grant recipients must identify CB Cares EF as their funding source and partner on their grants through signage and any publicity that it may warrant, including posts on social media (@CBCaresEF on Twitter and @CBCaresEducationalFoundation on Facebook).

Grant applications are no longer being accepted for the 2018-19 academic year. More details will be released shortly about the 2019-20 application process.



“Thank you so much to CB Cares! This grant is going to make a big impact on the art program at CB South; I can’t wait to share the amazing work the student’s create.” -Cheryl Daly, CB South Art Department

“Thank you, CB Cares!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for funding this grant. We’re very appreciative and excited!!!!” -Dr. Brian Caughie, Tamanend MS

“We are more than excited about receiving the grant!!  Thanks so much to CB Cares for ALWAYS supporting the students of Central Bucks School District!  The students at Linden will love their new mobile maker cart!” -Amy Logue, Linden ES

“I am sitting here, with shaky hands due to excitement, typing this email.  THANK YOU so much for selecting our grant project to be funded by CB Cares. I cannot wait to go into school tomorrow and share with the teachers the plans I have for the light table and manipulatives.  Your continued support is inspiring and I will be sure to do you proud. I will capture the excitement from the children once everything is in place and we are ready to create with the innovative materials!” -Megan Jaeger, Bridge Valley ES

“AWESOME!!!! We are thrilled!!! So excited to get these books for our students! Thank you for all that you do!” -Lisa Mancini, Tamanend MS

“Thank you for this great news! We are very grateful to CB Cares and appreciate all of your efforts to bring these opportunities to students in CB.” –Michelle Ambrosini & Molly Rickert, Holicong MS