Partners of CB Cares Educational Foundation

CB Cares Educational Foundation is an independent nonprofit  501(c)3, state approved Education Improvement Organization serving the Central Bucks School District that includes 23 schools, nearly 20,000 students and 37,800 families.  The organization is self sustained by the generosity of its donors, fundraising efforts and EITC business partners.  As Central Bucks School District’s Educational Foundation and lead partner in innovative education, the organization does not benefit from tax payer dollars.

Our Community Partners include the Central Bucks School District, Doylestown Health and the Central Bucks YMCA.  As partners we promote the 40 Developmental Assets and create opportunity for parents & related stakeholders to come together for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and strategies to help raise resilient, competent, successful and happy children.

Our Financial Partners are local businesses approved to use the EITC tax credit program (Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program) towards hatboroinnovative education and programs to enrich our community, schools and families.

About EITC

Businesses eligible for the tax credit are pass-through entities, such as S and C Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, etc.  Pennsylvania businesses can apply for EITC credits through DCED’s electronic single application system.  Tax credit applications are due July 1st and process on a first come, first-served basis and are approved until available tax credits are exhausted.  Each business’s tax situation is different and will need to follow the guidelines of the EITC.  If you are interested please consult with your financial advisor.

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