What We Do

CB Cares EF supports students, teachers, and parents of the CB School District and provides a developmental compass for youth and families to promote positive values and behaviors in our community.

The framework for all CB Cares EF programs is the Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets®. These serve as a resource in navigating each stage of your student’s development. CB Cares EF promotes the opportunity to build both internal and external assets through our programs, resources and community days.


Established in 2004, the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award recognizes three students each month of the academic year who exemplify one of the  40 Development Assets® as selected for that month. Learn more.



The Backpack Newsflash, published by CB Cares Educational Foundation and supported by Fred Beans, serves as an update on programs and celebrated students and distributed to CBSD students, staff, and families. Read past issues and learn more.



The Youth to Community Arts Program (Y2C) showcases the talents of our Central Bucks middle and high school students, offering them opportunities to perform a local businesses and events. Learn more.



CB Cares Educational Foundation coordinates one of the largest Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service events in the region and provides opportunities for families and individuals to volunteer for a variety of organizations in our area. Learn more.



CB Cares Educational Foundation finds a range of both short and long-term programs to address the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in the Central Bucks community. Learn more.



The goal of CB Cares Educational Foundation’s Safe Teen Driving Initiative, in partnership with Fred Beans, is to provide our parents and teens with the resources to become safer teen drivers and reduce the number of vehicular fatalities. Learn more.



Innovative Learning Grants support the visionary ideas of Central Bucks School District educators that wouldn’t be possible within the district’s regular budget. Learn more.



Sponsored by Bucks County Orthodontics, the Positive Coaching Award shines a light on a deserving coach who serves as a positive role model, understands the importance of a child’s well-being, and is a positive influence in the lives of young people. Learn more.



CB Cares Educational Foundation is proud to recognize teachers and staff members who make a difference in children’s lives on behalf of the families who are touched by them. Learn more.



Focused on a range of issues, one-hour parent education workshops are presented by professionals and agencies from our community to home and school associations, parent councils, school counselors, and others. Learn more.


A collaboration between CB Cares Educational Foundation, Doylestown Health, YMCA of Bucks County, and the Central Bucks School District, the Parent Positive Speaker Series offers talks on relevant parenting issues to create an avenue for community conversations. Learn more.



Parent Connections is a taped television program hosted by CB Cares Educational Foundation and CBSD, broadcast on Comcast Channel 28 and Verizon Fios Channel 40. Learn more.



Available to school parent ambassadors, home and school associations, and parent councils, 40 Assets Mini Grants fund programs and resources which support the promotion of the 40 Developmental Assets®. Learn more.