Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Education

For more than 20 years, CB Cares Educational Foundation has worked to address the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among the students of the Central Bucks School District through innovative programs and messaging. The organization regularly sponsors a variety of programs, including PSA contests, art contests, and more, focused on reaching students today.

Anti-Vaping PSA Contest

CB Cares Educational Foundation is proud to have recently concluded a contest for an anti-vaping PSA. Congratulations to Holicong Middle School's Mason Matich for his winning video.

Thanks to the Mazaheri Law, LLC for their support of this program.

Prescription Drug Take-Back Box Program

The Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Take-Back Program is focused on alleviating the health and safety concerns from the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs by helping our citizens properly dispose of unused prescription medications. Many young people who abuse prescription drugs take them from medicine cabinets. Keeping unused opioids or other common drugs of abuse in a medicine cabinet is no longer safe or responsible.

Prescription drug misuse, abuse, and overdose are growing concerns across the nation. According to a 2015 survey in Pennsylvania, 41.0% of prescription-drug-using students indicated taking the drugs from a family member living in their home, 41.8% indicated that a friend or family member gave them to the student, 26.9% indicated that they bought them from someone, 14.1% indicated they took them from someone not related to them, and 12.9% indicated they took them from relatives who were not living in their home.

Bucks County’s Medication Disposal Program is supported by the Bucks County Commissioners and is made possible by a grant through the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. Partners in the program include the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging, Bucks County Children and Youth, Bucks County Detectives, and Bucks Promise. This program is free and anonymous. For permanent medication drop box locations, click here.


You may dispose of:

      • Prescription and over-the-counter solid medications
      • Tablets and capsules
      • Pet medicines

You may not dispose of:

      • Intravenous solutions
      • Injectables, syringes, and needles (e.g., EpiPens)*; these need to be taken to a health care professional’s office or to a hospital for disposal
      • Hydrogen peroxide
      • Compressed cylinders or aerosols (e.g., asthma inhalers)
      • Iodine-containing medications
      • Thermometers
      • Alcohol & illicit drugs (e.g. marijuana, heroin, LSD)


Learn more about the program on Bucks County’s website.

Prom Partners

The Prom Partners program brings businesses together to illustrate the importance and impact of the choices of youth.

Studies show that during weekends around prom time, there is an increase of traffic crash fatalities among 15-20 year olds that are alcohol-related, and, of these fatalities, 72% involve a 16-20 year old driver with alcohol in his/her system.

Local businesses and CB Cares EF distribute the Prom Partner message via brightly colored flyers which hang in windows or on material picked up by the student. The message is smart and simple: “Look Good; Choose Well; Get Home Safely.”

Thanks to the Ventresca Ltd. for their partnership in this program.

Program Sponsor - Ventresca Ltd

Parent Resources

It can be difficult to talk with your child about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Get help from the resources below: