Prom Partners

Local Businesses Join Forces with CB Cares for Prom Partners


Prom Partners was developed as an initiative to bring businesses together to get the message to our youth that we care about the choices they make during this time of year. Prom Partners is a collaboration between CB Cares  and local businesses in the community who experience increased business during the prom season. Studies show that during weekends around prom time, there is an increase of traffic crash fatalities among 15-20 year olds that are alcohol-related, and of these fatalities, 72 percent involve a 16-20 year old driver with alcohol in his/her This statistic alone was enough to prompt the importance of the message promoted in the Prom Partner’s program.

clip_image002_068Local businesses maintain their partnership with CB Cares to promote this message by distributing the Prom Partner message via brightly colored flyers which hang from every tuxedo rental that goes out the door. The message is smart and simple, “Look Good, Choose Well, Get Home Safely”. CB Cares and the community want everyone to enjoy themselves and look their best and not contribute to the staggering statistics during prom season.

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